Your Health

At Foodwaze, we understand your individual health needs are important to you.

That’s why we are excited to launch a new program linking our unique Real Food search capability with local experts in the health and wellness industry. These are experts we are partnering with who we know share our passion for real, regenerative food. We are currently piloting the program for those in the Central Virginia area, and hope to expand it very soon.

Brewed well

Brewed Well is based in Richmond, Virginia, and run by Emma Moyer. She is a certified health coach and nutrition specialist who is also working on becoming a registered herbalist. She offers one-on-one consultations and workshops that focus on brewing healthy food such probiotics and herbal infusions.


Amanda Terillo Nutrition Counseling is based in the Charlottesville area and run by Registered Dietician Amanda Terillo. She holds a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and a master’s in Sustainable Food Systems. In addition, she’s an author of the book, Kitchen Confidence: Improve Your Health, Save Money, Waste Less. Amanda focuses on integrative and functional nutrition in her counseling practice, which accepts a variety of insurance plans