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Your choices for food are endless. Our mission at Foodwaze is to help you find the best options no matter what you’re seeking… a casual lunch, a fancy dinner, a cup of coffee, or ice cream with the kids.

To achieve this mission, we produce an unprecedented online and mobile guide that is the healthiest way to find food. Our approach is holistic and all-encompassing. We seek businesses that are helping advance the Real Food Movement, which embraces the interdependent values of personal health, animal welfare, ecological preservation, food justice, and human empowerment. 

Unlike other food guides, no businesses can pay to be listed and we don’t accept advertising. We personally visit restaurants, cafes, markets, bakeries, farms, and other many other types of food businesses. We research and rate a variety of metrics to determine the “healthfulness” of a business. Our primary metric for deciding whether a business is one we can recommend to consumers is its commitment to a regenerative food system. This includes authentic, consistent, and verified sourcing from farms and other food sources committed to regenerative organic agriculture. Foodwaze has coined a shorter name for it, called Reganic Food. 

What is Reganic Food? Reganic best represents what we believe is the healthiest food possible. Its foundation is the very Soil of this earth.

Most people understand the concepts of organic food. “Organic” is how all food was grown before chemicals took over agriculture and highly processed food-like products took over our diet. Today the word “organic” is mostly a term dispensed by the government and typically indicates a certification. Organic Certification is helpful, but there are actually several others like it. And there are many other farms producing good food that are not certified at all. Regenerative agriculture is more embracing, and more specific to practices that build healthy soil, protect the Earth and its climate, and produce the most nutrient dense food possible. 

These practices are summarized under the Principles section of the Foodwaze website. The Principles are the foundation of a Reganic diet. Sometimes we use the term Regenetarian diet, or Regenerative diet, but it’s today’s busy world, brevity rules, so Reganic is best!   

Lastly, in the summer of 2016, Foodwaze began using the term Reganic food to replace the term sustainable food. We believe “sustainable food” misses the mark on our mission. Sustainability is a worthy goal, but it is often vague in its definition and applicable to too many things beyond food itself. Reganic is all about real food. It is about rebuilding. Over and over and over again. It is the path to better health and a better planet for generations to come.