Amy's Garden

Address: Sandy Point Road
Charles City, VA  23030

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Phone: (804) 896-6446
Categories: Farm


Amy’s Garden is a 10-acre produce farm using ecological, regenerative practices focused on cultivating healthy soil and nutrient dense food. In fact, it is certified organic. It is located west of Williamsburg in Charles City County. The farm is operated on a 70-acre property by husband-and-wife team George Ferguson and Amy Hicks. Foodwaze has visited Amy’s Garden at the farmers markets and our through additional research we are very confident in listing this farm as an outstanding source of clean, nutritious produce for consumers. However, we have not yet had a chance to visit the farm and will complete a full listing once we do.

Amy's Garden products can be found at these Foodwaze verified locations:

Richmond, VA Ellwood Thompson's Birdhouse Farmers Market South of the James Market