Brightwood Vineyard and Farm

Address: 1202 Lillard's Ford Road
Brightwood, VA  22715

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Phone: (540) 948-6845
Categories: Farm


Brightwood Vineyard and Farm is a diverse organic farm located along the Robinson River in Madison County, north of Charlottesville. They grow a wide variety of certified organic vegetables and herbs, as well as organic wine grapes and berries such as gooseberries, blackberries, elderberries, and raspberries. In addition to selling their produce at local farmers markets and stores, they run a CSA. They also make jams and jellies from their organic fruit.

The farm is run by Dean and Susan Vidal. In addition to their crops, the farm keeps a flock of hens, raised on pasture, for eggs. They also keep some other livestock on the farm. Last but not least, they run a B&B on the farm, renting out a cottage and farmhouse. There really is so much to write about this farm! Foodwaze has been by the farm quickly, and we have visited frequently with them at the farmers markets. We have every confident in listing this farm as an outstanding source of clean, nutritious produce for consumers. However, since we know we can best describe a farm only after visiting, we will complete our full listing once we have a chance to more extensively visit Brightwood.

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