Caromont Farm

Address: 9261 Old Green Mountain Road
Esmont, VA  22937

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Phone: (434) 831-1393
Categories: Farm

• Located south of Charlottesville, Virginia, this farm produces cheese from the milk of goats and cows. The farm is operated by Gail Hobbs-Page and her husband Daniel.

• The goat's milk comes from a herd of goats raised on the farm, using sustainable methods of animal husbandry.

• Foodwaze has visited the farm to learn first-hand about their practices.

• The goats are free to roam and frolic, foraging on grass and brush in the woods and meadows.

• Caromont Farm does not raise dairy cows. The raw cow's milk for its aged cheeses comes from nearby Creambrook Farm, another Foodwaze listed farm that has been visited by our staff.

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Caromont Farm produces fresh and aged cheese from goat’s milk and cow’s milk. It is located in Albemarle County, Virginia, south of Charlottesville. Foodwaze first made a site visit to Caromont Farm in Spring 2015 to learn first-hand about its holistic, sustainable, and nurturing agricultural practices.

The farm is operated by Gail Hobbs-Page and her husband Daniel. If you are eating their cheese, you can be assured it was produced from start to finish with high standards of care and devotion to the crafts of animal husbandry and cheese-making. Caromont does not hold an organic certification, or any other, but strives to meet or exceed those requirements. Their herd of ninety or so goats, frolicking around in the woods and meadows, are visibly happy, healthy, and loved. Gail, who has been around farms most of her life, knows each one individually by name and tracks their health and well being through computer software.

They forage on the grass and brush right on the farm, and eat chemical-free hay from adjacent Megan’s Meadows. They’re milked using udder machines, and all the cheese is made a few steps away, with great care taken to guarantee the health of the milk, which is either used raw or pasteurized.

Since Caromont does not have cows on its property, it is able to make cow’s milk cheese in partnership with nearby Creambrook Farm. The cows there are pasture-raised and 100% grass fed, and provide both raw milk to Caromont for aged cheese. Foodwaze has visited Creambrook Farm. You can search for them under Middlebrook, Virginia.