Address: 416 West Main Street
Charlottesville, VA  22903

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Phone: (434) 244-7800
Website: Feastvirginia.com
Rating: Best
Categories: Lunch, Dinner, Groceries


Feast! has been a mainstay in Charlottesville since 2002… and for very good reason. Locally owned and operated, it’s been a leader in locally sourced food, long before other businesses jumped on the bandwagon. The business combines a specialty market with a lunch cafe, together earning a BEST rating. 

The market is not a full-service grocery store, but a great place to pick up local products, such as eggs and produce from ecological farms, or local craft made jams and sauces. 

The cafe is one of our top recommendations in the city for a healthful lunch, sourced from local regenerative farms, and prepared into a variety of soups, salads and sandwiches. 


Healthful Vibe: We think Feast! is tough to beat when it comes to a healthful midday meal in this health-minded city. The facility itself is bright and clean, and we think it should be a top choice if you’re looking for a healthful, well-sourced lunch, either business or casual.

Menu/Inventory: We’ll start with the menu because we think the cafe is the dominant feature at Feast! The menu is concise and seasonal. There are plenty of salads and a nice focus on plant-based foods. As for the inventory in the market, it is assorted. They have a large cheese and charcuterie sections. And tons of local products, not necessarily organic or all natural. Their strength is in the section to the back left, where you’ll find some local pastured eggs, and a decent variety of chemical-free local produce in season.

Produce: A significant amount is sourced from local, ecological farms, both for their menu and for the market. The owners of Feast! have been deeply involved in the local food movement, including the development of the Local Food Hub.

Meat: They don’t use too much, but shine with their chicken. They’ve been long-time, consistent customers of Polyface Farm, which is used in the cafe.

Fish: They only use tuna. It’s a Ortiz, an artisanal Spanish brand that uses individual line catching methods. There is no fish regularly for sale in the market.

Eggs: Always local from true pastured sources.

Grains: Nothing significant to note about the use or sale of grains. Most of their bread is made at neighboring Albemarle Baking Co, located in the same building.

Dairy: The use and sell local goat cheese made using pasture-based practices. As noted they also have a large cheese section in the market, mostly sourced from Europe. There’s nothing significant to note about other dairy.

Dietary Info: The menu offers a great balance between vegetarian and meat options. The market offers food for all dietary needs. 

Other Health Factors: The business rates highly for these qualities:

- Soups that are made in house. More information coming soon.

- Local kombucha and kefir water to drink.

- A clean health inspection report for the past few years.


Feast! is a locally owned business, started by husband-and-wife team Eric Gertner and Kate Collier in 2002. The duo has been an integral part of the local, sustainable food movement around Central Virginia for years, most prominently with the Local Food Hub, which they helped launch. Feast! has truly been a leader in the REAL Food movement in the region.


Feast! is tucked inside the Main Street Market in downtown Charlottesville. There is a decent sized parking lot that is shared with other businesses in the market, but there is usually sufficient space.

Once inside, Feast! is to your left. It opens to a shared space, but most of it is reserved for seating for their cafe. If you’re there for lunch, order at the counter to the left of the main entrance to the store. 

As for the market, we previously mentioned back-left as it’s strength. That’s were you will find the local eggs, meat, and produce.

On nice days, you can take your meal outside… there are several small tables under a narrow, covered patio near the parking lot.


 This listing was compiled using the following processes:

• Many visits to the store and discussions with staff and management. Foodwaze spends a lot of time at Feast!

• Visiting and verifying the practices at several of the farms they use as sources. 

• Conducting other research about the business to verify its practices.

Farm Supplies
Caromont Farm Cheese
Free Union Grass Farm Poultry
Harvest Thyme Herbs Fruits, Vegetables or Herbs
Manakintowne Specialty Growers Fruits, Vegetables or Herbs
Polyface Farm Eggs, Poultry
Woodson's Mill Grits
Feast specializes in preparing food for the following dietary needs:
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
Other information about Feast:
  • Low-cost meal: under $10
  • Outdoor Seating
  • On-site parking
  • Take-Out
  • Catering
  • Accepts Credit Cards
  • Beer and Wine Only
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Family Friendly
  • Business Meeting Friendly