JM Stock Provisions RVA

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Address: 1531 W. Main Street
Richmond, VA  23220

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Phone: (804) 257-4300
Rating: Best
Categories: Breakfast, Coffee, Butcher


JM Stock Provisions is a whole-animal, nose-to-tail butcher shop with two locations, one in Charlottesville and one in Richmond. The business, which first opened at the Charlottesville location, in 2013 was started by James Lum and Matt Greene. 

The butcher shop specializes in developing partnerships with a handful of regenerative livestock farmers in the region. Using the whole animal, they are able to offer a huge variety in their cuts of meat, as well as a creative selection of charcuterie such house smoked bacon and flavorful sausages. They also offer breakfast service with their ham and biscuit sandwich, and they sell a variety of other products in the store. 

JM Stock Provisions demonstrates a high level of commitment to the grass-fed and pastured-raised meats they source. Unlike most other butchers, they do not sacrifice quality with conventional, feedlot meats. This unwavering support of regenerative livestock farming earns them a BEST rating.


Healthful Vibe: The quality of meat that JM Stock sells is the kind of meat that people should be eating. It is nutrient dense meat that is raised using the highest standards of regenerative agriculture. The stores at both locations are an amazing experience… clean, well-organized, and alluring with the aroma of smoked meats.

Inventory: As a butcher shop, this business is focused almost entirely on meat. But they do sell other products that are generally reflective of a commitment to natural and regenerative foods.

Produce: Both locations typically offer a limited variety of seasonal produce from local farmers using ecological practices.

Meat: As already stipulated to this point, meat is the heart of JM Stock. Their beef is all 100% grass-fed from thee local farms. They sell local pastured-chicken, pastured duck, and pork from Autumn Olive Farm, one of the best forested pork farms in the region. Most of their source farms have been visited by Foodwaze and you can read about their commitment to regenerative agriculture under the Featured Farms tab.

Eggs: They usually have a selection of local, pastured eggs. 

Fish: None sold.

Grains:  Some packaged grains are available from Woodson’s Mill, which is a nearby mill sourcing local, heirloom grains.

Dairy: Milk is available from a local dairy farm that we believe is using regenerative practices.

Dietary Info:  For those who are devoted to a paleo diet, or just looking to improve the quality of meat they consume, JM Stock is the place to go, as we consider it among the top purveyors of meat in the entire state of Virginia.

Other Health Factors: We have not yet mentioned the stocks and broths they make from the whole animals. These are highly recommended for cooking or just to consumer plain as an elixir against colds and the flu.


We cannot say enough about JM Stock’s advocacy on behalf of the food movement. They are quiet and unassuming in their approach. This is not a place where you will get a hard-sell… or any arrogance. It’s a place that’s fostering a healthier food system by supporting regenerative farmers, and shunning factory-farmed meat.

You can read a Foodwaze blog post about JM Stock by clicking here.


This store is located in the Fan District. There is usually pretty good parking along the street. This is the second JM Stock location and was originally started by Hunter Hopcroft. He opened it in early 2014 as Harvest Grocery and Supply and was partnering with JM Stock to sell their meats. In 2015 the store was re-branded with the JM Stock name.

Once inside, browse their selection of cut meat and charcuterie. Or grab a cup of coffee and sit at the front window and relax. They sell great coffee from quality, eco-minded local roasters.

Again, we encourage customers to feel comfortable here and free to ask questions, and not feel threatened or stupid. The staff here is really laid-back and helpful.


This listing was compiled using the following processes:

• Multiple visits to both JM Stock locations.

• Multiple meetings and conversations with the owners and the staff.

• Visiting and verifying the practices at most of the farms they use as sources. 

Farm Supplies
Autumn Olive Farms Pork
Caromont Farm Cheese
Deep Rock Farm Beef
Free Union Grass Farm Duck
Manakintowne Specialty Growers Fruits, Vegetables or Herbs
River Oak Farm Chicken
Wolf Creek Farm Beef
Woodson's Mill Cornmeal
JM Stock Provisions RVA specializes in preparing food for the following dietary needs:
  • Paleo
Other information about JM Stock Provisions RVA:
  • Accepts Credit Cards
  • Beer and Wine Only
  • Wheelchair Accessible