Lakota Ranch

Address: 9272 Big Horn Road
Remington, VA  22734

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Phone: (540) 848-5298
Categories: Farm

Lakota Ranch is run by the Engh family. Foodwaze has visited the farm and you can read a full description under the Details tab. Here is an overview of the farm:

• Animals raised: Certified Devon beef cattle, a heritage breed ideally suited to grass farming.

• Living Environment: The animals are raised outdoors on the 700-acre ranch. 

• Animal Diets: They are 100% grass-fed.

• Grazing Methods: This farm utilizes regular rotational grazing  to ensure the animals are constantly moved to the best available grass and that healthy soil is built and maintained.

• Other Practices: There are NO chemicals, biosolids, hormones, or sub-therapeutic antibiotics used on the farm. The farm breeds all its own cattle and is respected nationwide for its pure genetics.

• Other Products in the Store: Most of the products are from Lakota Ranch, including some of their own pork and eggs produced on the farm. They also sell products from some other nearby sustainable farms, as well as some non-food gift items (see below).

Other things to know about this Place:

• The little red farm store on the ranch opened in 2015. It is the primary way to purchase meat from the ranch, and you can also shop online through their website.

• The ranch is near Culpeper, about an hour south of Washington DC. It takes a little bit of a drive to get to the store (it’s about 15 minutes from Rt. 29, the nearest main thoroughfare), but it’s definitely a fun destination spot.

• Inside the tasteful shop, you can observe a beehive in action, or browse from among a variety of non-food products. This includes things like candles, soaps, and high-fiber clothing. If you’ve got extra time, you can plop in one of the chairs on the deck outside and enjoy the spectacular view. There's a good chance you'll linger longer than you planned. 

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• Other research

This farm is located about an hour south of Washington DC, near Culpeper, Virginia. It is owned and operated by the Engh family. They raises 100% grass-fed Devon cattle, as well as other livestock, including pigs, sheep, and hens.

Without a doubt, Devon cattle are their forte. Indeed, the family’s association with the Devon breed extends back several generations. In the 1950s, Otto Engh and his wife Sarah purchased a herd of Devons which they bred at their home, the historic Effingham Plantation in nearby Nokesville. Over the ensuing decades, the Engh family became one of the biggest and most prominent breeders of Devon cattle in the U.S., a standard that continues today at Lakota Ranch under the management of Jeremy Engh.

Devon cattle in the U.S. trace their lineage back to an ancient breed of cattle from the southwestern English county of Devon. They are a docile breed known for their genetic purity and for their suitability for grass farming. Their genetic purity is most remarkable compared to other breeds that have been denigrated in the U.S. since World War II as a result of excessive grain feeding. 

Lakota Ranch has developed what’s called the “Lakota Bull Test” to help ensure the quality of grass-fed beef. Bull calves that have been raised on grass are brought to the ranch after they have grown, and a committee of farmers, scientists, and beef producers evaluates the quality of the beef through ultrasounds, DNA, and growth records. The test indicates qualities such as the meat-to-bone ratio and the ability of the bull to convert grass to muscle. For more information about the health benefits, and overall benefits, of grass-fed beef, please see our Foodwaze Principles.

Lakota Ranch beef is available at their farm store, in addition to other sustainably raised products such as free-range pork and chicken eggs. The store also sells non-food items such as candles, soaps, and clothing. Click on the Places listing to connect to the details for their farm store. This is a store that is absolutely worth the visit, not only for the quality of the meat they sell, but to gain a better understanding of and appreciation for the benefits of sustainable agriculture practices.

Lakota Ranch products can be found at these Foodwaze verified locations:

Gainesville, VA Eden's Natural Market