Little House Green Grocery

Address: 1227 Bellevue Avenue
Richmond, VA  23227

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Phone: (804) 262-7474
Rating: Best
Categories: Groceries

REAL FOOD LOYALTY: $5 off, must spend a minimum $50 


Little House Green Grocery is a locally owned market serving Northside with a commitment to Real Food that would stand up anywhere. This place is just downright cool. The backbone of the inventory consists of produce, meat, and other local products from some of the best regenerative-minded producers in the region. Little House truly earns its BEST rating.


Healthful Vibe: There is a fantastic healthful atmosphere at Little House. Its clean, aesthetic interior matches the quality of its food. 

Inventory: The store’s footprint is relatively small, which means they don’t pack the inventory found in larger markets. But when it comes to staples, such as produce, and eggs, you will find local, clean food not offered in chain grocery stores or even national health food markets. Their packaged products are mostly organic, natural or local. There are limited prepared foods from some local partner businesses, but we don’t have much information at this time regarding the ingredients.

Produce: While not a large section, the produce at Little House is high quality. You’ll find certified organic produce and a solid selection from local, ecological farms.

Meat: Most of their meat is from a wide selection of high-quality, local, regenerative farms typically not available at bigger chain stores.

Eggs: Local, true-pastured raised eggs are available.

Fish: No information at this time.

Grains: The sell a variety of breads and other grain products from local purveyors using organic or ecologically sourced grains.

Dairy: They offer organic milk and some cheese from local purveyors that use pastured, small-scale processes. Butter, yogurt and other dairy products are largely organic or local pastured. They are also a drop-off point for a local raw-milk share from Avery's Branch Farm.

Dietary Info: The market offers food for all dietary needs. 

Other Health Factors: The business rates highly for these qualities:

- A wide variety of healthy drink options, including certified organic brands, locally roasted, eco-friendly coffee, and local kombucha.

- A good selection of organic, biodynamic, or sustainable wines. In fact, they run a monthly wine club that features small production wines that are organic or biodynamically grown.

- They also have a Veggie Box program. Like a CSA, it’s a weekly subscription of local, organic produced, packed and ready for easy pick-up during the summer months. Please see their website for details.


Little House Green Grocery was started in 2012 by Jessica Goldberg and Erin Wright, who’s a Richmond native. In a world where neighborhood markets are frequently defined by junk food, this market is helping reinvent the concept as a throw-back to the traditional neighborhood market. By bringing quality-sourced local food to an area that does not have immediate access to a health-food store, Little House is an unquestionable advocate for Real Food.


Little House Green Grocery is easily accessible. Bellevue Avenue is a relatively quiet street at most times of the day and parking is available along the street or in a lot across from the store.


This listing was compiled using the following processes:

• Many visits to the store and discussions with staff and management.

• Visiting and verifying the practices at several of the farms they use as sources. 

• Conducting other research about the business to verify its practices.


Farm Supplies
Avery's Branch Farms Dairy
Forrest Green Farm Tea, Fruits, Vegetables or Herbs
Harmony Hill Farm Beef
J&L Green Farm Lamb
Keenbell Farm Chicken, Sausage, Pork, Beef
Manakintowne Specialty Growers Fruits, Vegetables or Herbs
Polyface Farm Beef
Tomten Farm Fruits, Vegetables or Herbs
Tricycle Urban Ag Fruits, Vegetables or Herbs
Little House Green Grocery specializes in preparing food for the following dietary needs:
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Paleo
  • Gluten-free
Other information about Little House Green Grocery:
  • Accepts Credit Cards
  • Beer and Wine Only
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Family Friendly