Mt. Crawford Creamery

Address: 795 Old Bridgewater Road
Mt. Crawford, VA  22841

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Phone: (540) 828-3590
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Mt. Crawford Creamery has been run by the Will family for several generations. Foodwaze has had a chance to visit their farm. Here are the highlights of its listing:

• Animals raised: Holstein and Holstein-Jersey dairy cows.

• Living Environment: The animals live in barns as calves. Once fully grown they live partly in pasture and partly in barn feeding area.

• Animal Diets: Calves are feed grains. Cows feed on pasture and are fed grains. All grains are grown on the farm but we are unable to confirm at this time how if chemicals are used in the growing process.

• Grazing Methods: Nothing significant to note.

• Other Practices: Hormones, or sub-therapeutic antibiotics are not used on the animals.

Creamery: The farm has an on-site creamery. The milk is processed using low-temperature pasteurization. It is non-homogenized.

• Other Products in the Store: The farm store sells beef, chicken, and sausage from nearby family farms. We do not at this time know anything about the sustainable practices on those farm. They also sell a variety of other local products including jams, honey, peanuts, and soaps and lotion. 

Other things to know about this Place:

• Visitors are welcome to watch the 4pm milking, which is a testament to the transparency and sense of community at this farm. Their farm store also has a window that looks directly in on the processing facility.

• Mt. Crawford Creamery is a family-run dairy that has been in the Will family for multiple generations. But it wasn’t until 2013 that they built their own creamery and began selling milk right from their farm. 

The information for this listing was based on the following:

• A site visit, or visits

• Discussion with the owners, management, and/or staff

• Source verification

• Other research

Mt. Crawford Creamery is a dairy farm and milk processing facility located in the Shenandoah Valley just south of Harrisonburg, Virginia. The farm has been in the Will family since 1924. It wasn’t until the 1950s that they began milking cows, and it was 2013 when they began processing and bottling the milk themselves.

This is a consummate family operation. They produce artisanal products with a  personal touch, not overly common in a business that has been largely industrialized. Indeed, as you drive up to the farm, you do so in the shadow of a monstrous White Wave Foods factory. Mt. Crawford Creamery’s rolling fields are a welcoming sight, which Foodwaze experienced first-hand through a site visit in Spring 2015. We have visited this farm several times since. 

With 70 acres under management, Mt. Crawford Creamery maintains a herd of up to 80 or so Holstein and Jersey-Holstein cows. The personal love and care they devote to their herd is evident from the visible health and well-being of the animals. The adults are pasture-fed on about 30 acres of the property. They strive for clean farming practices and good land stewardship, and have been recognized in the past by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation for their preservation of the nearby North River.

There are no artificial hormones used on the cows. The milk is pasteurized at the lowest temperature possible, and it is not homogenized, which helps better maintain its natural, nutritional content. This is not an organic operation, since they will use antibiotics to treat a sick cow. If they do have to treat a cow, they discard its milk for four days after the last dose of medicine is given. 

The cows are also not 100% grass fed. While they spend most of their time in pasture, they are supplementally fed with hay and grains grown right on the farm, as well as a second farm the family owns 10 miles away, called Oakwood, which is about 200 acres. The calves are also kept out of pasture for a little over a year to keep them protected after being separated from their mothers. 

Farm management stresses that all its practices are aimed at healthy, happy cows, and Foodwaze is confident in the high-quality of the end product produced at Mt. Crawford Creamery.

The farm welcomes visitors just about any time, and they have a store on premises where you can buy their dairy, and other local products. Please click on the Places tab to connect to information about their farm store, and as well as other Foodwaze Places where Mt. Crawford dairy is used or sold.

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