Prospect Farm

Address: 797 Ca Ira Road
Cumberland, VA  23040

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Phone: (804) 815-1001
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• Located in Cumberland County about one hour south of Charlottesville, Virginia, this small family run farm raises 100% grass-fed beef.

• The farm is run by husband-and-wife team Carlton Brooks and Constance Ober. Foodwaze had the chance to visit the farm to learn first-hand about their practices.

• They raise Black Angus cattle along with an Angus-Devon Cross, using low-density rotational grazing practices.

• The operate a closed-herd, which means all breeding are done on the property and no substitute cows are brought in.

• They do not use hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics.

• As a small farm they sell their meat to a very limited number of businesses and mostly sell direct to consumers in the area.

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Prospect Farm raises 100% grass fed and finished beef in the lush pastures of peaceful, idyllic Cumberland County, Virginia. The farm is about an hour southeast of Charlottesville, and about the same distance southwest of Richmond. The 170-acre property is the pride and joy of Carlton Brooks and Constance Ober. 

The husband-and-wife team began raising cattle in 2005, without much previous farming experience. The had lived on the coast of Virginia, and their backgrounds were mostly in broadcast journalism and real estate. But they were increasingly concerned about the state of our food system, to the point where Constance had stopped eating meat altogether. So they decided to do something about it. They moved inland to the undulating Piedmont, with a mission to a make a difference by producing sustainable, nutritious beef.

Getting started wasn’t easy. The property had become derelict from the conventional farming methods of the previous owners. Brooks and Ober went to work, not just resuscitating the soil, but building a house on the property and restoring an old farmhouse. Foodwaze made its first visit to the farm in summer 2015 and was able to witness the unbridled love and fervor the owners have for their land and their animals.

They raise Black Angus cattle along with an Angus-Devon cross. The animals are free to grass feed in the lush pastures and are rotated regularly in accordance with grass-based farming principles. With lots of acreage and a herd usually no bigger than about 50 or 60 animals, Prospect Farm maintains very low-density grazing. With ample hardwoods surrounding the fields, the cattle have extensive protection on hot and cold days. In the winter they eat hay that is cut from a field across the road, where it is grown without pesticides and chemicals.

Prospect farm operates a closed herd, which means all breeding is done on the farm to ensure “clean” genetics that are suitable for their operation. Calves are allowed to stay with their mothers and feed on their milk, weaning naturally at about 8 or 9 months, giving them a healthy head start. In accordance with sustainable, humane practices, the farm does not use growth hormones or routine antibiotics. They process their animals at Blue Ridge Meats, an Animal Welfare Approved butchery in Front Royal, Virginia.

Foodwaze can keep you informed about Places carrying the limited supply of this outstanding beef. Or you can visit the Prospect Farm website to find out how to order directly from them.

Prospect Farm products can be found at these Foodwaze verified locations:

Richmond, VA Belmont Butchery Topping, VA Merroir