Seven Springs Farm

Address: 426 Jerry Lane
Check, VA  24072

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Phone: (540) 651-3226
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Seven Springs Farm is a diverse regenerative farm that combines livestock and produce, along with an online organic supplies business. Foodwaze has visited their farm and you can read a full description under the Details tab. Here is an overview of the farm:

• Animals raised: Beef cattle.

• Living Environment: Cattle are out in fields for their entire lives. 

• Animal Diets: The cattle are 100% grass-fed, foraging on plants and legumes in the pastures.

• Grazing Methods: Rotational grazing practices are used to build healthy soil and pastures.

• Other Practices: There are NO chemicals, biosolids, hormones, or sub-therapeutic antibiotics used on the farm. 

• Produce Grown: A wide variety of seasonal vegetables.

• Chemical Use: No toxic chemicals.

• Sustainable Practices: Cover cropping, crop rotation, mulching, composting.

• Watering: No information at this time.

• Certification: None 

• Other Products Sold: All products in the CSA are from Seven Springs.

Other things to know about this Place:

• Delivery points for their CSA include Roanoke, Blacksburg, Floyd, Salem, and Christiansburg...or on the farm itself. Please see their website for more information and to sign up.

• While Foodwaze is about food, it is also worth pointing out that Seven Springs Farm sells products to help farmers and gardeners grow food using organic methods. This includes seeds, organic fertilizers, and fencing. Visit their website for a full catalogue and to place an order.

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Seven Springs Farm is tucked away in mountainous terrain about 30 minutes south of Roanoke. It is a multi-faceted farm with a solid focus on sustainable practices on its own property, as well promoting it among other growers in their community and beyond.

The farm was started in 1990 by Polly Hieser and Ron Juftes, who had relocated from Pennsylvania. Their operation has grown since then to include a small team of employees.

As you drive along the winding dirt road through the farm you are greeted left and right with growing fields of varying shape and size, each taking advantage of flat ground amidst a heaving landscape. From early spring through late fall these fields are flush with crops that rotate through the season, from salad greens and broccoli in the spring, to summer tomatoes and squash, to root veggies and more broccoli in the fall. While not certified organic, the farm practices sustainable and biodynamic methods including cover cropping, crop diversity, and use of natural fertilization. Adding to the farm’s diversity, is a herd of beef cattle, raised 100% grass fed and rotated to new pasture every day or two.

Seven Springs sells its produced primarily through membership in its CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Please see their website for information about buying a share. Delivery points include Roanoke, Blacksburg, Floyd, Salem, and Christiansburg...or on the farm itself. It’s certainly not the only thing you can buy from the farm.

What makes this farm unique among most, is it’s organic supplies business. They sell a wide range of products that include soil amendments, cover crop seeds, organic fertilizer such as fish emulsion, and deer fencing. You can visit the farm and make a purchase from their “A” frame barn, or place an order over the Internet. 

Seven Springs Farm products can be found at these Foodwaze verified locations:

Roanoke, VA Local Roots Restaurant