Spring Gate Farm

Address: 6675 Fredericksburg Road
Barboursville, VA  22923

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Phone: (434) 990-9162
Website: springgatefarm.com
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• This 220-acre farm to the northeast of Charlottesville, Virginia, is one of the largest cashmere producing farms in the East and is home to about 80-100 cashmere goats.

• The farm is operated by Jane Hammond. Foodwaze has had the chance to visit with her on the farm and learn first-hand about the practices used.

• In addition to the goats, the farm raises a variety of pastured meat products, including goat, lamb, and pork.

• Additionally, they have 10 acres dedicated to seasonal and heirloom vegetables, which they produce during the season. They use high tunnels to grow spinach and greens in the winter.

• Lastly are the eggs from chickens raised on pasture and supplemented with certified organic, soy-free feed.

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Spring Gate Farm occupies 220 picturesque acres along the Rapidan River in Barboursville,Va. It's on this classic Virginia countryside that owner Jane Hammond has devoted the last 17 years of her life in order to grow and produce nutrient dense greens, heirloom vegetables, pastured meats and award winning cashmere fiber. Spring Gate is a “chef driven” farm that mainly sells their meats and produce directly to restaurants or through distributors like Relay Foods and Local Food Hub, based in Charlottesville, Va.

Foodwaze visited Spring Gate Farm and had the chance to witness first-hand the thoughtful care that Jane devotes to every element of her farm. Even on a winter day, Spring Gate's two large high tunnels were a welcoming 55 degrees and were filled with bright green spinach and salad greens that Jane grows year round using organic compost, worm castings and rock derived fertilizers.

In addition to the greens that are grown in the high tunnels, Spring Gate has 10 acres devoted to a variety of heirloom tomatoes, Italian squash and melons that are coveted by area chefs. In between the growing seasons, the acreage receives a specific cover crop according to the results of careful soil testing and analyses. Jane sees this added effort (not to mention cost) as a worthwhile investment in the soil on her farm that ultimately leads to the best produce.

Spring Gate raises Cashmere goats and Suffolk sheep for meat and fiber, as well as pastured layer chickens and ducks.  The goats are bred on the farm from a carefully selected stock and live out on large multi acre pastures with access to small barns. All of the goats and sheep rotate through several pastures according to the seasons. Hay that is grown on the farm, without the use of pesticides, is fed through the winter to supplement what is available in the pasture. Breeding females and young stock are given rations of certified organic, soy-free feed from local producer Countryside Organics of Waynesboro, Va.

The chickens enjoy a large fenced-in pasture with two coops in which to roost and where eggs can easily be collected twice daily. Next to the chickens the ducks enjoy their very own pond and stream as well as pasture. The chickens and ducks are also fed certified organic, soy-free feed from Countryside Organics to supplement their diet.

Small stands of kiwis, raspberries, concord grapes and white peaches-all grown without the use of pesticides- round out the farm offerings.

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