Timbercreek Farm

Address: 2245 Garth Road
Charlottesville, VA  22901

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Phone: (434) 202-8052
Website: timbercreek.farm
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• Located in Albemarle County just west of Charlottesville, VA, this family farm is run by Zach and Sarah Miller.

• Foodwaze has had a chance to visit several times to learn first-hand about their practices.

• It is 500-acre multispecies farm that includes 100% grass-fed beef and lamb, forested pork, and pastered broiler and egg laying chickens.

• They use sustainable, rotatational practices to maintain soil health and do not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers on their prooperty.

• The Millers also run Timbercreek Market in the city of Charlottesville. The market has a cafe and full service butchery.

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Timbercreek Farm is located in Albemarle County, Virginia, just outside Charlottesville. Foodwaze made its first visit to the farm in Winter 2015, which allowed us to learn first-hand about the farm's adherence to high standards of sustainable agriculture in raising beef, chicken, and pork for healthy human consumption.

Managed by husband and wife team Zach and Sarah Miller since 2010, the property has been in the family for several generations. With about 500 acres under their management, the Millers follow a permaculture farming system that emphasizes a regenerative and self-sustaining habitat through rotational grazing and interdependency between different animal species. The farm is free of pesticides, herbicides, and synthetics fertilizers, and growth hormones are not used on the livestock.

As you drive past the front of the farm on Garth Road, and then up the long, winding driveway to the barn, the evidence of the Miller’s commitment is right before your very eyes. Timbercreek’s cattle are free to roam and live 100% of their lives feeding on the variety of grasses in the pastures. 

Happy, stress-free pigs roam on the property, foraging and lounging in the woods in large groups as they are accustomed to do, in accordance with their sociable nature. Timbercreek buys its piglets from trusted local suppliers. And feed supplement is an organic mix of whole corn, soybeans, oats, and other grains.

For meat chickens, the farm raises a breed called the Cornish Rock Cross, which are free to roam and feed on their nature diet of grass, worms, and insects. The birds are regularly rotated to fresh locations every morning using portable systems.

Likewise, Timbercreek’s egg laying hens roam and forage on the farm’s front pasture along Garth Road in a custom-built hen house wagon that can be regularly moved.

In the summer of 2015, Timbercreek added sheep to its farm and is raising them in pasture using the same rotational practices it does with other livestock. Foodwaze made its second visit out to the farm in August 2015 to discuss the newly opened Timbercreek Market in Charlottesville, review the status of the farm's wholesale accounts, and keep up-to-date with other issues impacting the farm.