Waverly Farms

Address: 2345 Lewiston Plank Road
Burkeville, VA  23922

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Phone: (214) 914-0323
Website: waverlyfarmsvirginia.com
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Waverly Farms is a diverse sustainable farm that combines livestock and produce. Foodwaze has visited their farm and you can read a full description under the Details tab. Here is an overview of the farm:

• Animals raised: Black Angus cattle, Spanish and Savanna goats, Katahdin hair sheep, American Guinea hogs, and laying hens.

• Living Environment: All animals live their lives outdoors on pastures and in woods on the property.

• Animal Diets: Cattle, goats and sheep are grass-fed, with a small amount of organic grain feed while in pasture. The pigs forage in the pastures and woods for grass, roots, nuts, etc. Chickens also forage for bugs and worms. The pigs and chickens are supplemented with certified organic grains.

• Grazing Methods: Rotational grazing practices are used to build healthy soil and pastures.

• Other Practices: There are NO chemicals, biosolids, hormones, or sub-therapeutic antibiotics used on the farm. 

• Produce Grown: A wide variety of seasonal vegetables.

• Chemical Use: No toxic chemicals.

• Sustainable Practices: Cover cropping, crop rotation, mulching, composting.

• Watering: Drip irrigation from well water.

• Certification: Animal Welfare Approved. 

• Other Products Sold: The CSA shares include only products produced on Waverly Farms.

 Other things to know about the farm:

 • The CSA has drop-ff points in Richmond and several others in the region southwest of the city.

• There is also a guesthouse on the property that can be rented through Airbnb.

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Located in Burkeville, Virginia, about an hour southwest of Richmond, this large family-owned farm uses sustainable practices to raise a wide variety of produce and livestock. Foodwaze visited the farm toward the end of summer, 2015. 

The Burkeville area is known as the site of the last Civil War skirmishes before the surrender at nearby Appomattox. It is also beautiful farming country, and several sustainable farms have taken root in this area, which is hopefully a sign of more good things to come.

Stuart Rosenberg and his wife Patti own and operate Waverly Farms, a place where Stuart spent his childhood summers. His family has been farming in the area for more than 100 years. Before coming to the farm, the couple built successful careers elsewhere, both in healthcare, including Stuart’s as CEO of Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in  Boston, MA.

Now they’re focusing on healthcare in the form of nutritious, sustainably produced food for their community. The farm, which is Animal Welfare Approved, is comprised of more than 100 acres, cut through by a creek and surrounding woodlands that provide ideal biodiversity for the vegetable gardens and livestock pastures. The property is free of toxic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and other potentially dangerous chemicals. With the help of a small staff, the Rosenbergs grow a wide variety of vegetables throughout the three main growing seasons. In the summer they also grow some fruit, such as watermelons and cantaloupe. The produce is sold primarily through membership in their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. 

Through crop diversity, and other sustainable techniques such as the use of row covers and cover cropping, Waverly Farms is able to produce clean, nutritious food. As with most farms we visit, Waverly does not have an official Organic Certification, but appears to be operating above and beyond those standards.

Their high standards also apply to their livestock operations. They raise Spanish and Savanna goats for meat. The latter is a related to the South African Boer goat and is well-suited to intensive grazing. The farm also raises American Guinea hogs, which forage on their natural diets in the woods and pastures around the property. Laying hens have also been active on the farm from time to time. In all cases, the livestock are supplemented with soy-free, organic feed.

Lastly, Waverly Farms raises Black Angus beef in partnership with a nearby farm. The cattle feed 100% on their natural diet, which consists of pasture grass and legumes and, when needed, hay grown on the farm without the use of chemicals. 

In addition to their CSA program, Waverly Farms offers many of their meat products for sale through an online farm store. Please visit their website to see what’s available. 

Waverly Farms products can be found at these Foodwaze verified locations: