Wayside Produce Farm

Address: 5098 John Wayland Highway
Dayton, VA  22821

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Phone: (540) 879-9556
Website: localfoodhub.org/our-farmers/wayside-produce/
Categories: Farm

Wayside Produce is run father-and-son duo Alex ad Andrew Mason, along with Andrew’s wife Elda. Here is an overview:

Produce Grown: A wide variety of seasonal vegetables, as well as berries and melons.

Chemicals: No use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.  No use of biosolids.

Sustainable Practices: Use of compost, crop rotation, row covers, and cover crops. All practices focus on building healthy soil. Cultivation and weeding are done by hand. 

Watering: No information at this time.

Certification: None

Other Products Sold: Most items at this stand are from Wayside Produce. They do sell as few other items from other nearby sustainable farms, such as grains from Heartland Harvest.

Other things to know about this Place:

• The farm was started in 2009 by the Masons after they moved to Virginia from New York City, where Alex had done work as an organic landscaper.

• The farm stand is on Rt. 42 just south of the town of Dayton, which itself is just southwest of Harrisonburg. Look for the farm stand on the right (west) side as you are heading south. Google maps places it on the left so, just just beware.

• Take note that the farm stand is only open April-November.

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• Discussion with the owners, management, and/or staff

• Other research

Foodwaze has visited the farm stand at Wayside Produce. We have seen the property and we have talked to the owners. But we have not yet had a chance to do a thorough walk through. We will have a more detailed report when we have the opportunity.

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