Whiffletree Farm

Address: 8717 Spring Road
Warrenton, VA  20186

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Phone: (540) 349-3099
Website: whiffletreefarmva.com
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Whiffletree Farm is run by husband-and-wife team Jesse and Liz Straight. Foodwaze has had a chance to visit their farm. You can read a full description in the Details tab. Here is an overview of the farm:

• Animals raised: Wagyu beef cattle, pigs, meat chickens and laying hens.

• Living Environment: All animals are raised outdoors. The cows live in pastures. The pigs live in the woods and pastures. Chickens live on pasture and are protected from predators by electric fences. Laying hens have access to a mobile hen house.

• Animal Diets: Cattle 100% grass-fed. The pigs forage for nuts, berries, fruit, roots, and bugs, and are supplemented with non-GMO grains. The poultry also forage in the pastures and are supplemented with non-GMO grains.

• Grazing Methods: This farm takes the job of being stewards of the land to heart using regenerative principles. They maintain regular rotational grazing to ensure the animals are constantly moved to the best available grass and that healthy soil is built and maintained.

• Other Practices: There are NO chemicals, biosolids, hormones, or sub-therapeutic antibiotics used on the farm. 

• Other Products in the Store: In addition to their own products, the farm store stocks some other sustainable foods, including 100% grass-fed lamb,  organic breads and soups, and fermented products.

Other things to know about this Place:

• Visitors are encouraged to walk around the farm and meet all the animals.

• Whiffletree has an ever growing list of drop off points for their products throughout Virginia. Visit their website to place an order and find the drop off point closest to you.

• They are also a pick-up spot for Waterpenny Farm, a produce CSA in nearby Sperryville.

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Whiffletree Farm is located just south of Warrenton, Virginia. It is owned by husband-and-wife team Jesse and Liz Straight. Jesse manages the day-to-day operation with the help of Jonathan Elliott. Both men grew up in Virginia - Jesse in Warrenton and Jonathan in Fairfax - and they both attended the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

Jesse and Liz began farming in 2009 with a small poultry operation. In 2012, they moved to the 82-acre family property and expanded their operation to include beef, pork, turkeys, and laying hens. Foodwaze has had a chance to visit the farm to learn first-hand about their practices.

Whiffletree Farm is deeply committed to the principles of regenerative agriculture. Their beef cattle are 100% grass fed and are the foundation of their rotational grazing program. Cornish-cross meat chickens, laying hens, and turkeys are rotated behind the cattle to help further fertilize the pastures and build soil.

Lastly, are the pigs, which are raised in the woods around the property where they are free to forage on a diet of roots, nuts, and berries. All the poultry and pigs are supplemented with Non-GMO feed.

In addition to selling their products to numerous restaurants and markets in the region, Whiffletree operates a farm store on the property. Consumers can stop buy and purchase meat products from the farm, as well as some meats and various other products from nearby ecological farms and producers.

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Whiffletree Farm products can be found at these Foodwaze verified locations:

Warrenton, VA Hidden Julles Cafe The Natural Marketplace Bealeton, VA Messick's Farm Market Purcellville, VA Potomac Vegetable Farm - West Hillsboro, VA Stoneybrook Farm Market Sperryville, VA Sperryville Corner Store Fredericksburg, VA Kickshaws Downtown Market Herndon, VA 100 Bowls of Soup Falls Church, VA The Local Market