Yohanan Farm

Address: 140 S. 12th Street
Purcellville, VA  20132

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Phone: (571) 402-5295
Website: yohananfarm.com
Categories: Farm

• This small family farm in Northern Virginia is run by Bethany and Joel Johnson.

• Using sustainable practices they raise pastured poultry, rotating the chickens by way of portable houses.

• Foodwaze has had a chance to visit the farm to learn first-hand about their practices.

• The chickens are able to consume their natural diet in the pastures and are supplemented with locally sourced, non-GMO grain.

• Please read more about them under our Details tab, and click on the Places tab to find out where you can buy their chickens. 



Located in Northern Virginia, in pastoral Loudoun County, this family-run farm is focused entirely on raising pastured chicken. Yohanan Farm is run by Joel and Bethany Johnson. The name of the business is derived from an Old World interpretation of their last name. Foodwaze has had a chance to visit the farm to learn first-hand about their practices.

Joel Johnson grew up on a large farm in Northern Minnesota, and after a desk job in the DC area, launched Yohanan Farm with his wife in 2010. They currently lease land on a scenic, hilly 300 acre property just outside of Purcellville. There they raise Cornish Cross chickens, which they purchase as days old chicks from a breeder in Pennsylvania. They keep the chicks in a barn loft, safe from predators, until they are old enough to go out on pasture. Once on pasture, the chickens are rotated through the use of mobile protection, so they can be rotated throughout fresh pastures and eat their natural diet of bugs, worms, and grass, which is free of chemicals and pesticides. To supplement their pasture food, they are offered free-choice local grains from Hiland Naturals, a non-GMO Project verified supplier of livestock feed. Yohanan Farm chickens are not given antibiotics or growth hormones.

At about eight weeks old, the chickens are processed right on the farm, which allows for more personal care and eliminates the stress that animals endure when they have to be transported live for processing.  Yohanan Farm sells to a variety of restaurants and markets around Northern Virginia. Please click on the Place tab. We will continue to add locations as we are able to visit them.

Yohanan Farm products can be found at these Foodwaze verified locations:

Hillsboro, VA Stoneybrook Farm Market Sperryville, VA Heritage Hollow Farms Reston, VA Tavern 64